Are you AODA compliant?

J.L.C. Group image of PDFAs of January 1, 2015 all Ontario Public Sector businesses with 50+ employees must post new website content in a fully compliant format.


At J.L.C. Group, we are AODA compliance experts!


We are entering our 2nd term and 6th year as Government of Ontario Vendors of Record. We are an experienced, passionate, trusted supplier in our 20th year of operation.

Our experienced designers are experts in AODA compliance techniques. We have long recognized the growing need and importance to design for Ontarians with disabilities.

An AODA compliant project is significantly different from traditional design. We know how to adapt our designs to meet the technical requirements of AODA compliance.

We are privileged to work with many Ontario government ministries and agencies and have established a solid reputation as true professionals.

Contact us today.

J.L.C. Group – can help you with AODA compliance

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