Page 4 - Burden Reduction Report - 2016, Ontario Government
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A Personal Message From The Premier
Evolving technology . Social and economic shifts . Globalization . Today’s businesses must operate in an ever-more challenging and constantly changing landscape .
As Premier, I am confident that our economic plan has positioned Ontario’s businesses well . Key to our economic plan is fostering an innovative and dynamic business environment that supports growth . To make this happen, our government launched the Business Growth Initiative — our strategy to build globally competitive businesses . Investing in innovation, helping businesses scale up and modernizing our regulatory environment to cut red tape are the three pillars of this strategy .
Under the Business Growth Initiative, we introduced new tools to reduce unclear, outdated or unnecessarily costly regulatory requirements, including launching the Red Tape Challenge, an innovative
online consultation platform .
This Burden Reduction Report highlights initiatives from across government that are changing the way we provide services — to make it easier to understand the rules and make Ontario a more attractive place to do business .
This is a partnership between government, agencies, businesses and other stakeholders to ensure that Ontario remains competitive in the global economy . I thank everyone behind the ministries’ Burden Reduction initiatives . I also want to thank everyone involved in putting out this report .
We will continue to work together to reduce red tape, attract investment and help build a more prosperous Ontario .
Kathleen Wynne Premier of Ontario

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