Page 5 - Burden Reduction Report - 2016, Ontario Government
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A Personal Message From The Minister
Ontario is committed to developing outcomes-focused and evidence-based regulations . This modern approach to burden reduction will help to foster an innovative and supportive business environment while also protecting environmental and health standards and enhancing worker safety .
In 2014, our government passed the Burden Reduction Reporting Act, whereby we increased government transparency by publishing an annual report on the province’s burden reduction initiatives . We also set a target of achieving $100 million in savings to businesses and external stakeholders by reducing burdens by the end of 2017 . Thanks to the dedication of our partner ministries and industry partners, we have surpassed this target two years ahead of schedule .
Under the Business Growth Initiative, we introduced new tools that will help reduce unclear, outdated or unnecessarily costly regulatory requirements on businesses and other stakeholders . They will also accelerate the modernization of old service delivery processes . These measures include the Red Tape Challenge, a Regulatory Burden Reduction Team, a Regulatory Centre of Excellence and the Regulatory Modernization Committee . These tools are already yielding results, with stakeholders providing feedback through the Red Tape Challenge on regulations and processes that are burdensome because they are outdated, unclear, redundant or unnecessarily costly .
Less regulatory burden means a more dynamic and innovative business climate — one that grows the economy, attracts business investment, meets business needs and creates jobs throughout the province . Working together, we can reduce regulatory and administrative burdens to make Ontario one of the easiest places in the world to do business .
Brad Duguid Minister of Economic Development and Growth

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