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In Canada for 25 Years

This May marks our 25th Anniversary in Canada! Throughout those years, you have made us your Trusted Partner to help you confidently close your real estate transactions. And for that we say, Thank You!

Being your Trusted Partner is an honour we hold with immense pride, as it represents our longstanding history with the Canadian legal community. Together we have accomplished a lot, and we are grateful for your partnership and loyalty.

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25 Years of Supporting the Legal Community

  1. A Clear Philosophy

    Stewart Title opens its Canadian headquarters in Toronto, providing title insurance while supporting the legal professional’s role in real estate transactions. Unlike some of our competitors, we choose not to offer document preparation services to lenders on refinances and we support Ontario Regulation 666 (currently Reg. 69/07) that mandates:

    1. A lawyer must provide a certificate of title.
    2. The lawyer must be entitled to practice in Ontario.
    3. The lawyer must not be employed by the title insurer.

  2. EC Program

    Stewart introduces the Examining Counsel (EC) Program providing legal professionals with easy access to title insurance products.

  3. Expansion

    Stewart expands its operations across Canada and within the next two years has offices in Calgary, Halifax, Laval and Vancouver. We hire legal professionals as part of our team and are later recognized by a legal trade publication as one of the top employers of lawyers.

  4. Convenience & Education

    Stewart Electronic Policy System (STEPS) is launched, enabling legal professionals and their staff to complete policy requirements in-house at their own pace.
    Educational seminars are launched, with Lecture Series sessions eligible for Continuing Professional Development credits.

  5. Coverage for Homeowners

    Stewart introduces the Existing Homeowner Policy, which protects existing homeowners from losses that arise from many types of title fraud. Legal professionals can now offer title protection to clients that purchased homes prior to title insurance being available in Canada.

  6. Integrated Technology

    STEPS is integrated with a leading conveyancing software, creating efficiencies for law firms in Ontario. In the coming years, integrations with other software take place across Canada.

  7. Closing the Gap

    Stewart launches its Commercial Gap-Only Policy to facilitate quicker, secure closings and address the outstanding priority issues surrounding the registration gap in Western Canada.

  8. Affirmation

    A group of title insurance companies form the Title Insurance Industry Association of Canada (TIIAC). Stewart declines to join the organization because we feel our business philosophy (support of the legal community) differs from the TIIAC members’ and the association’s overall objectives.

  9. Advocacy

    TIIAC sends a letter to the Minister of Finance requesting a review of Ontario Regulation 69/07 (formerly Reg. 666). In Stewart’s view if Reg. 69/07 is abolished, the role of the real estate lawyer will be further diminished. Stewart Title initiates a movement to dismiss the review of Ontario Reg. 69/07. TIIAC publicly withdraws its request for this review.

  10. Simplified Mortgage Instructions

    Stewart Title enters into a third-party partnership to create efficiencies in law firms by offering electronic mortgage instructing and reporting.

  11. Lending a Voice

    Stewart expresses concern to the Law Society of Upper Canada about the impact allowing Alternative Business Structures (ABS) would have on residential real estate lawyers. We stress that the public is best served by the individual attention of a real estate lawyer, and that any decision with respect to ABS must ensure that lawyers continue their essential role in real estate transactions.

  12. Added Efficiency

    Stewart creates further efficiencies for law firms through the integration of three technology platforms: our online ordering application, a third-party mortgage instructing and reporting tool, and an industry-leading conveyancing platform.

  13. Expanded Commercial Coverage

    Stewart offers an expanded package of standard endorsements in commercial lender policies (up to $50 million) and reduces the number of searches required to order commercial policies by increasing owner and lender policy thresholds for certain required searches.

  14. Broad Ordering Options

    Stewart launches the Smart Order Form, an online tool designed to streamline the process of ordering commercial policies and an alternative ordering method for residential policies. This form adapts to the specifics of the transaction so only relevant questions are presented.

  15. Fraud Prevention

    Stewart introduces enhanced measures to provide clients with a streamlined fraud review process to help identify and prevent the occurrence of fraud in real estate transactions. This helps Canadian legal professionals avoid involvement in fraudulent transactions, thereby protecting their reputation and solidifying their position as an integral part of the real estate process.
    Also this year, an enhanced Commercial policy package is introduced, automatically including the most requested endorsements to commercial policy orders at no additional cost.

  16. Recognizing Your Role

    Stewart produces a video with local legal associations to educate home purchasers on the value that lawyers and notaries bring to real estate transactions.
    A single-risk Commercial Survey-Only policy is introduced as a cost-effective option to address the unique requirements of legal professionals in B.C.

  17. Support During Extraordinary Times

    Stewart extends its efforts in supporting the legal community by being the first to provide assurance that coverage will not be compromised or invalidated as a result of real estate transactions closing via remote signing during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    Stewart is also the first to offer extended super priority lien coverage to protect residential and commercial lenders for loss arising from covered super priority liens after the insured mortgage has been discharged.
    Educational programs expand to cover a broader scope of topics and move online, enabling more legal professionals to learn and obtain Continuing Professional Development credits than ever before.

  18. Extended Commercial Protection

    Stewart Title launches two new optional commercial endorsements to provide added peace of mind to insureds. Our Extended Protection Endorsement for commercial transactions up to $5 Million and our Post Date of Policy Commercial Lender Endorsement for commercial institutional lenders.
    Stewart offers technology integrations with new conveyancing partners to meet the increasing needs of legal professionals.
    Our online education programs experience record breaking participation and support, becoming a leading option for the legal community.

  19. Celebrating 25 Years

    Stewart acquires a majority stake in Treefort Technologies Inc., a Canadian-based company that provides a completely digital process for verifying an individual's identity, as well as other tools designed to assist legal professionals meet and sign documents with verified individuals.
    Stewart celebrates 25 years operating in Canada. We are extremely grateful for the support we have received from Canadian legal professionals over the years!

Why A Trusted Partner for 25 Years?

Comprehensive Coverage

Innovative buyer and lender policies are regionally tailored for evolving markets.

Underwriting Expertise

Our knowledgeable, responsive team finds solutions even for complex issues.

Exceptional Service

Our devoted local contacts provide insightful, personalized answers and support.

Education Programs

Our industry experts cover timely, hot topics for real estate practitioners.

Technology Tools

We provide tools that simplify the process, lessen workload and expedite closings.

Financial Strength

Global, large and reliable — our consistently high ratings demonstrate we’ll be there if you need us.

Committed to the Legal Profession

Our unwavering support of the legal community affirms their vital role in real estate transactions.

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The EC Program is available in Ontario and Atlantic Canada. Clients in Western Canada can contact their local BD Representative to discuss the available ordering options in their area.

Remote signing not available for Vendor Takeback (VTB) Mortgages.

The EPE Endorsement is not available in Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, Nunavut or Yukon. EPE Coverage is not available for Vendor Take Back Mortgages or Single Risk policies. Subject to a nominal premium in addition to the applicable commercial title policy premium for the transaction. For full coverage details, please refer to a copy of our policy.

The Post Date of Policy Commercial Lender Endorsement is available only for commercial institutional lenders whose insured mortgage is 1st or 2nd priority on title. Underwriting guidelines may apply. For full coverage details, please refer to a copy of our policy.